The legal weed industry is new and rapidly growing. This large growth requires a lot of jobs and manpower to operate. With medical marijuana legalized in 36 states, there are many great cannabis jobs available. This is a great time to get a job in the budding weed industry. Since cannabis companies are still companies at the end of the day, they’ll need a lot of regular operational roles such as accountants to function. In this article, we’ll feature exciting new job opportunities that work directly with cannabis.

Master Cannabis Extractor

Cannabis extractors oversee the production of oils and concentrates from marijuana plants. This job is quite meticulous, as extractors must accurately extract amounts of THC or CBD to create the specific concentrates. Cannabis extractors work in a lab, and will have to be trained on how to use lab equipment. You can also obtain a cannabis extraction certification to learn how to do the job and increase your employability in the field!

Marijuana Delivery Driver

Marijuana delivery drivers have different duties than your normal pizza delivery driver. The main tasks of being a marijuana delivery driver include making deliveries, customer service, patient verification, packaging products, and inventory. Cannabis delivery drivers must be over 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. You can also earn tips if delivering directly to customers.

Marijuana Trimmer

Weed-trimming jobs are some of the most common jobs in the cannabis industry that get to work directly with marijuana. These jobs are pretty simple to learn, making them great for entry-level employees and people who want to get their foot in the door for the industry. This job involved trimming leaves and removing buds from stems. This makes the buds much more visually appealing for the end consumer and removes excess leaves which can be harsh to smoke. The buds are then weighed, sorted, and cured to be sold in dispensaries. With the increasing demand for weed, there is an increasing demand for weed trimmers. If you’re looking to get into the marijuana industry, becoming a marijuana trimmer is a great way to start.

Marijuana Packager

After the marijuana is trimmed and separated from the stem, it is ready for packaging. There are many different ways marijuana is packaged, including bags, jars, and more. Regardless of the packaging, someone has to be there to prepare the marijuana to be sold at a dispensary. This job is quite simple and involves a good amount of organization. Making sure the correct strain is packed into the corresponding packaging and also that the correct amount is inserted there. This job can also involve several different forms of marijuana including flower, dabs, and edibles. All in all, marijuana packaging jobs are a great way to get started in the weed industry.

Dispensary Receptionist

Most dispensaries will need people for their storefronts. These employees are responsible for greeting customers, answering the phone, and helping customers with their transactions. Essentially, it is similar to a customer support and cashier job. Customers will often have questions, so it will help to be knowledgeable in marijuana. At medical marijuana dispensaries, the dispensary receptionists are also responsible for verifying prescriptions, identification, and eligibility. While it may seem like a simple role, it is quite important in the business of weed dispensaries. Good employees can move up to become dispensary managers or even regional managers. If you have the people skills and an interest to work in the marijuana industry, becoming a dispensary receptionist might be perfect for you.

Dispensary Manager

As mentioned in the section about dispensary receptionists, dispensary managers also play a large role in the marijuana industry. In general, dispensary managers are responsible for overseeing operations at marijuana dispensaries. These responsibilities include tracking inventory, hiring employees, training employees, and setting standards for the products and services. There are a lot of different jobs at dispensaries such as security and receptionists, and it is the manager’s job to make sure operations are running smoothly. It is also quite common for dispensary managers to go on to manage a handful of local dispensaries. If you have experience in retail management, chances are that you already have many of the skills required for this role. In the case of medical marijuana dispensaries, it can also help to have a background in pharmacology.

Cannabis Careers Conclusion

All in all, the marijuana industry is rapidly growing and requires a variety of employees to support it. There are many customer-facing positions available at the dispensary level, as well as many backend operations positions such as growers and trimmers. If you have a strong passion for cannabis, chances are you will be able to find a job in the marijuana industry that matches your skillset!