9 Biggest Cannabis Companies

Green Thumb Industries:

Green Thumb Industries headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The GTI Company sells recreational and medicinal cannabis through retail and wholesale channels in the US. The Green Thumb Company also has branches in fifteen States and operates approximately seventy-five cannabis stores covered by the chains Rise and Essence. The Company diverting its growth on restricted license states with larger inhabitants, and currently, it does not export its products to the global market because of the prohibition of the United States Federal. Green Thumb Industries offers a range of cannabis brands, including Dogwalkers, Dr. Solomon’s, Beboe, RTHM, Incredibles, and Good Green. 

The Green Thumb Company also operates swiftly growing retail cannabis stores nationwide called Rise and has 17 manufacturing facilities. The company was established in 2014, and it has around 3,800 people working for them, has been serving millions of customers and patients every year. The Green Thumb Industries was recognized as Fast 50 list in 2021 by Crain and it is also considered the Best Workplace by popular MG Retailer Magazine in 2018 & 2019. 


Curaleaf Holdings is a popular international consumer provider of cannabis products. It is a prime and well-known cannabis company popular for expertise, reliability, and quality. The company is known for its brands, including Select, Grassroots, and Curaleaf, and it provides an outstanding and leading service provider that offers a huge range of product selection and ease of access across the adult and medicinal use markets. Currently, Curaleaf operates in twenty-three cultivation sites, 106 dispensaries, and around 30 processing sites employing more than 4,800 team members.  

This international company is the biggest vertically assimilated cannabis company in Europe with an exclusive distribution and supply network in the entire European market. It has become internationally popular as it brings ground-breaking research and science along with innovative cultivation, production, and extraction methods. Curaleaf is registered on the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) under the CURA symbol and trades under the CURLF symbol on the OTCOX market. 


Aphria is assimilating its rising proficiency with Health Canada with new Marijuana for MMPR (Medical Purposes Regulations) for the therapeutic marijuana industry. Aphria also has greenhouse-connected growing experience in plants and it has been producing since 1943. The company is considered to be an industry leader in giving patients with top-quality medicinal marijuana for decades. Aphria has assimilated greenhouse growing advanced solutions particularly concentrated on top-quality cannabis production. Aphria greenhouse processes are accepted with the approval of growing quantity scale marijuana. 


Organigram Holdings is the parent firm of Organigram Inc., a certified producer of cannabis-derived products and cannabis in Canada. The company is established in 2013, and initially, it started as a therapeutic cannabis provider. However, currently, the Company is concentrating more on producing indoor-grow, high-graded cannabis for adult recreational customers and patients in Canada. Also, it is rising international business enterprises to spread the footprint of the company globally. Organigram has a range of adult-use recreational cannabis brads that includes Bag o’ Buds, Indi, The Edison Cannabis Company, Trailblazer, and SHRED. The main location of the company is placed in Moncton, New Brunswick, and another placed leased in Winnipeg Manitoba. Organigram is recognized by Health Canada reinforced by the Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Act. 

CannTrust Holdings:

Cann Trust is federally regulated and certified and it has been producing medicinal cannabis and has around 40-years of healthcare and pharmacy experience in the industry. CannTrust is an expert in producing high-graded medicinal cannabis and has been providing for patients in need.  The company is committed to innovation and research, to the emerging organization of evidence-based research promoting the use of medicinal marijuana in specific health conditions. Also, it has been very supportive in creating innovative appliances that will make it simpler for patients who need medical cannabis for their treatment. Also, CannTrust educates patients about the use of medical cannabis, and it has started an empathetic use program to support patients with monetary needs. 

Cronos Group:

Cronos Group is a vertically integrated and geographically expanded cannabis group. The company is concentrate more on cannabis development, technology, and research. The company works within Health Canada where cannabis is used for medical purposes guidelines and distribute all over the world.  Cronos Group’s portfolio includes Cove, Lord Jones, Peace Naturals, Spinach, Happy Dance, and more. The US-based company manufactures and distributes hemp-derived CBD suffused products.  However, the branches that are located in the other parts of the world are involved in the manufacture, cultivation, and marketing of cannabis, and the products derived from cannabis are produced for adult-use and medical markets. 

Canopy Growth Corporation:

Canopy Growth Corporation is a leading cannabis company that expanded globally. The company controls a group of different brands and listed strain variety, maintains thousands of square feet of indoor greenhouse growing capacity, joined with some of the popular names in the field. It is a cannabinoid-based product company that has been helping people enhance their lives and strengthen communities by comprehending the complete potential of cannabis. Extracting customers overview and offers a large range of products made with top quality dried flower, soft gel capsule, oil, edible, infused beverage, and topical formats. Also, it produces nebulizer devices along with industry leader Storz & Bickel. 

Aurora Cannabis:

Aurora Cannabis is a medicinal cannabis company, established in 2013 and located in Canada. The main business of the company is the production, supply, and sale of products made of cannabis and cannabis in Canada as well as globally. The portfolio of Aurora Cannabis includes Aura Drift, Aurora, Daily Special, Rafael ’71, Reliva, and more. The cannabis-based products are mainly produced and manufactured in the services in Alberta, Edmonton, Bradford, Pemberton, etc. The Company is aimed at providing cannabis products to the worldwide medical cannabis market, global hemp=derived CBD (cannabinol) markets, and recreation cannabis market. The company produces around 150,000 kg of cannabis biomass yearly. 


Tilray Brands, Inc is an international pharmaceutical company that produces cannabis-based products and cannabis. The Company’s headquarters is located in New York City, New York, US, and also it operates in Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada with growing services in Portugal and Germany. The company is focused more on providing the best medicinal cannabis products to people who meet their needs and invoking a sense of happiness. 

Recently, Tilray announced a merger with another popular company Aphria and will function under the name of Tilray. The moto of Tilray is to be a reliable partner for its consumers and patients by providing them with a refined experience and wellbeing through innovative and differentiated brands and products. Tilray’s production facilities support around twenty brands in more than twenty countries, including all-inclusive cannabis assistance, alcoholic beverages, and hemp-based products.